The Rotary Club of Fort Atkinson had a 63 degree November day to install new LED, Edison-style lights on the "Depot" building alongside the Glacial River Bike Trail, that runs through the middle of town. This section, along Janesville Ave/Hwy 26 S is where the city's train station/depot once stood.  The replica building was designed to emulate its footprint and rooflines, serving as a park shelter.  It's also the Northern-most point of the Polar Path of holiday lights, that runs South, to Jones Dairy Farm Market.  Pictured are Rotarians, from left: Joel Winn, Jill Kessenich, Tom Dehnert, Paul Kotz, Whitney Townsend, Bob Cheek, and Lisa Tuttle. Not pictured is John McIntyre, the photographer!
Rotary's hope is that these lights can be lit year-round, as they are programable to change with the seasons/holidays, and will create a welcoming landmark at this bustling intersection.